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Hi All,

We are trying to read data from Hive table and load into teradata table after lots of transformation. So, we are trying to use "load_from_hcatalog". But while selecting data, we are getting below error:


I have TD Studio 15.10, TD DB 15.0, HDP 2.0 and Aster 6.0. They are all connected well in TD Studio and I can see the tables.
I'm doing some tests on Aster based on a HDP table but when I execute the query:
SELECT * FROM load_from_hcatalog
(USING server('')

I downloaded Aster v5 and v6 VM Images available from the download section and have been able to replicate the error on both. I'm logged in as aster
I have a single node hadoop cluster 2.2.0 with hive 0.12 (webhcat running on 50111). I can ping both machines and connectivity is good.