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TDCH: escapedby and enclosedby
I am not able to use enclosedby and escapedby arguments in Teradata hadoop connector. I get the following error when I pass these arguments. here I am trying to set enclosedby with a double quote and escapedby with forward slash. The error goes away when I remove the enclosedby and escapedby arguments.
hadoop tdch load
syntax error load_from_hcatalog
Hi, I have TD Studio 15.10, TD DB 15.0, HDP 2.0 and Aster 6.0. They are all connected well in TD Studio and I can see the tables. I'm doing some tests on Aster based on a HDP table but when I execute the query:   SELECT * FROM load_from_hcatalog (USING server('') port('9083') username('root')
aster hadoop hortonworks hdp connectivity load_from_hcatalog load
Load Limit of 50K Rows in v15.10
I just upgraded to v15.10 of Studio Express 64-bit.  During a load operation, where I right-clicked on a table in the DSE and used Load, the log indicates: Load Task Loading data... Starting Load... Load Successful. 367075 Rows Processed 367075 Rows Loaded  
v15.10 load limit 50000 rows
Need to load from Table 1 to Table 2. Which utility work well here and WHY?
Need to load from Table 1 to Table 2. Which utility work well here and WHY? Please explain the limitations and advantages against each utility.
load mload tpump fload bteq
Concurrent Load to same table (MLOAD fails - can TPump be a solution or what is a solution?)
I have a scenario at hand:-Source: 9 Binary Flat Files (From Mainframe Source Systems)Target: 1 Teradata TableETL Operations: Insert / Update / Delete using Informatica Workflows – Teradata MLOAD INSERT / UPDATE Connection String & Teradata MLOAD DELETE Connections String
parallel mload multiload TPUMP process load etl informatica
End of Record marker with TPT
I have a CSV file that I'm attempting to load via TPT.  I have created the CSV file in Excel.  When I try to load the file with the appropriate number of delimiters, I am getting a BUFFERMAXSIZE error.  When I add another delimiter to the end of each record, the file loads just fine.
tpt delimiter load csv export ttu
Teradata ODBC Driver load error on Linux 64 bit (OBIEE Configuration) : Specified driver could not be loaded. (HY000)
  Got the following error: View Display Error
obiee driver load error
TPT load Varchar(MAX) LOB from SQL Server to Teradata
Hi everyone.  I'm trying to load SQL server tables to Teradata14 using OleDB via TD's OleLoad tool.  I'm having trouble with attributes defined as VARCHAR(MAX) in SQL server - it seems that this is a LOB data type.  Here is the script that OleLoad is generating:
tpt sql server lob load VARCHAR(MAX) max td14 oledb oleload
TPT output from ODBC includes Indicator Bytes?
Hi, I'm trying to transfer data from a MySQL table into a Teradata table. The export uses the ODBC operator and the inport uses the LOAD operator. All records go into the ET table, usually with 2673 (source parcel length incorrect) errors, some of them fail with a 6760 (invalid timestamp field).  
tpt load odbc indicators mode
Implementing SCD TypeII using Mload
To implement SCD type II using Mload, we need to know the primary key of the data. A comparison with primary key on source with the corresponding target field will help us in understanding the data already exist or not in the target. Now the entire method can be done in two steps.  
SCD TypeII Type2 Multi load