Tags for like operator in teradata sql
I am attempting to look for patterns in the data using like statements.  I do not know where in the text field I will find the pattern, I don't care about the position. How do I get teradata to recognize the difference between like "%click_" and only return rows that have click_ and not return clickstream?  Simple example below.
like operator in teradata sql
Pattern for LIKE Operator
Hi All, I'm trying to search a specific pattern using LIKE operator, but i'm not sure if i'm doing the right way. For Eg: MY cloumn values are ABC_INFO_Calc, ABC_CALC_PRO, ABC_201501, ABC_201412. I would like to slect the last two values and any value matching that (ABC_201501, ABC_201412).
like operator in teradata sql
Problems using LIKE ANY on TD 13.1
if(typeof(dstb)!= "undefined"){ dstb();} Recently we switched over to TD 13 . Previous code that contained statements with LIKE ANY('CRITERIA1%', 'CRITERIA2%', 'CRITERIA3%') syntax is now returning only matches on the first criteria matches. example , CASE WHEN CNTRY LIKE ANY ('GEORG%', 'TURK%', 'ITALY%') then 'REGION1'
sql like operator in teradata sql
How to use LIKE in queries
Hi, I am new to Teradata and having difficulty in coming up with a query to retrieve certain data. Here is my query. select 'drop table ' || trim(databasename) || '.' || trim (tablename) || ';' from dbc.tables where databasename = 'ITNWH' and tablekind='T' and tablename like '%\_L' ESCAPE '\'; I am trying to build this script for all tables in a database that end with "_L" in table name. But in my case it is NOT showing all tables in the output. I see only the following one line in the output, where as I was expecting the query to return 49 rows.
like operator in teradata sql