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Is Table A LEFT OUTER JOIN TABLE B same as TABLE B RIGHT OUTER JOIN TABLE A in in terms of output and performance?
(Regardless of data content and size of table A, and table B)

Select coalesce (t1.col3,p1.col3) as target_Column1,
coalesce (t2.col3,p2.col3) as target_Column2,
coalesce (t3.col3,p3.col3) as target_Column3,
coalesce (t25.col3,p25.col3) as target_Column3,
d1.g1_view a
d1.g1_metadate b
left outer join
d1.val_table t1
t1.val_cd = a.some_ind

Let's create two simple tables using the same ID column, some attributes (A_CDC and B_CDC) and a date period.

Could you please help me to join Table 2 to table 2 without null values
Thank you!
Table 1(trending table keeps all months)
MonthID  CusID  Amount
201301    1          100
201302    1          150
201303    1           0 
201304    1           0

Hi all,

I'm having some performance issues due to the way certain queries are being processed by the optimizer. I have a set of views that I want to join together, and each of these views has the same JOIN/WHERE clause combination:

when i Join two tables having the same PI using Left outer Join on the PI (same column on both tables) ; Redistribution occur.
However Inner join do not cause redistribution
[by way of a RowHash match scan with]

Can some one tell me, how to join 2 tables where one of my table join condition is having a null value.
For example, i took some sample values and what i need is given below as output.
Table A
A    B    C
a    1    2
?    2    3
c    4    4