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Slow left join query
Hello, This is a left join query and it consumes more than 40 minutes. select   table2.task_sk,   table1.sub_sk,   table1.sub_id,   sum(table2.items) as items,   sum(table2.amount) as amount,   ... from table1 left join table2   on table1.sub_sk = table2.sub_sk and
left join
Teradata Rank Over Query (Getting one row to left join)
  Hi am new to Teradata and am stuck with a problem   There is an ID table which stores an Unique ID given to each person  
left join rank over row number
Not Exists vs Left Join
I have read somewhere that Not exist will almost always perform better than Left join with null check in where clause,Can someone tell me the reason for this ? eg : SEL A.* FROM TABLE A WHERE NOT EXISTS (SEL 1 FROM TABLE B WHERE A.KEY=B.KEY ) Would perform better than  
left join not exists
How do these queries execute?
There are three SQL statements (a, b & c) below, each of which performs a left join. Can anyone please explain how the execution of these statements differs from the other? a) select c.c_name, a.n_name from retail.client c left join retail.area a on c.c_nationkey = a.n_nationkey and a.n_name is null;
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