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I have few questions wrt LDAP. We use LDAP tp login to sql assist which is our windows id.
1. If there is more than 3 times of wrong password attempt using ldap on sql assistant, does it lock the id on ldap/windows ? The number of attempts for lock out is controlled at LDAP/TD level ?

Hi all, 
  i am encuntering the following error when trying to use TDCH to load data to Teradata. 

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory integration and Single Sign-on (SSO) are two separate, distinct, and often confusing technologies for external authentication and authorization of user access to a Teradata system. Properly used, these technologies play an important role in the effective integration of Teradata systems with corporate security processes and infrastructure.

I was wondering if there was a query to enumerate all the databases/tables to which I have access, given I have logged on via LDAP.  The results of querying the X Views, such as dbc.DatabasesVX and dbc.TablesVX do not show all of the databases and tables I have access to, so it would seem a more complex solution would be required.

1. What is the SQL to  create  a new user that uses  LDAP authentication mechanism?
2. If a user was created without LDAP authentication how can we change them to LDAP authentication?

I am connecting to Teradata via JDBC and LDAP using the following URL format:

I am trying to use the Teradata .Net connector (v. to establish a connection between my c# Windows application and a Teradata DBMS. I am not using the ODBC connector so there is no DSN associated with the connection.

We are migrating from one viewpoint server to another. How do I copy existing roles, users so that I do not have to recreate the users.
I do not care about the historical data collection.

I have coded a simple TPT script using operator templates ($EXPORT, $INSERT and $LOAD) to copy data of Table A from TDSERVER-A to TDSERVER-B. TDSERVER-A and TDSERVER-B use LDAP based authentication. TPT (TBUILD) raises errors when I run the script either by initializing LogonMech, UserName, UserPassword variables for Source/Target operators in JobVars fil

Hello everybody,
I need to configure LDAP Authorization using the native directory schema. 
I already configured LDAP Authentication using simple binds and an Identity Search (since I needed to look for the sAMAccountName in the Active Directory).

We are having an issue with users attempting to logon to the system using LDAP authentication.
They are able to logon using a set password with no mechanism chosen.
Any suggestions regarding resolution?

Has anyone successfully used the Teradata driver with LDAP authentication in the ETL tool Talend?

I have a Teradata user called FREDBLOGGS. 

He has an account on Teradata (UserID FREDBLOGGS / password TERADATA). 

He also has an entry in LDAP (UserID FREDBLOGGS / password LDAP).

If I set up my Teradata server to authenticate via LDAP, can this be overridden by the authentication mechanism chosen by Fred when he logs in?

Security of data warehouse assets is a primary concern for most enterprises. This course focuses on securing network access to a Teradata data warehouse. This is Part 2 of 2.

This course focuses on securing network access to a Teradata data warehouse. This is Part 1 of 2.

Hi, I'm trying to connect to TD server via CLIv2 console application using LDAP logon mechanism, but I get the following error: CLI2: BADLOGMECH(507): Requested logon mechanism is not available.

I have set up LDAP option by passing "LDAP" string to DBCAREA logmech_name variable:


I need to access TD (12) using MS Access and/or Excel. My login user name is configured to use ldap for authentication. ODBC version is

A. MS Excel 2007:
The connection steps seem to work smoothly until it displays the list of available TD tables. Then, it displays the ODBC connection dialogue. After entering the authentication details, which I use successfully with TD SQL Assistant, I get the following consecutive error messages.
1. [NCR][ODBC Teradata Driver][Teradata Database] The UserID, Password or Account is invalid.

I'm trying to setup teradata with LDAP (sun one) authentication (not authorization)

I get this error when trying to logon using BTEQ :

.logmech ldap
Teradata BTEQ for WIN32. Enter your logon or BTEQ command:
.logon demotdat/auto101

.logon demotdat/auto101
*** CLI error: CLI2: BADLOGMECH(507): Requested logon mechanism is not available.

Using tdsbind works :

C:\Program Files\NCR\Teradata GSS\nt-i386\\bin>tdsbind.exe -u auto101

Enter LDAP password:
LdapGroupBaseFQDN: dc=XXXXXX,dc=com
LdapUserBaseFQDN: dc=XXXXXX,dc=com

By introducing new, powerful portlets, adding and enhancing administrative capabilities, and achieving product internationalization, the Teradata Viewpoint 13.0.1 release continues to deliver state-of-the-art system management and monitoring tools, all within your web-browser.