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Join Strategy followed
Hello All, Can someone help me understand the join strategies followed by Teradata for each of the below join scenarios between 2 tables ? I tried many times to understand looking at explain plan, but still helpless. 1. PI joined to PI 2. PI joined to Non-PI 3. PI joined to SI 4. Si joined to SI
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Column data truncated with FULL OUTER JOIN
I am doing a FULL OUTER JOIN on 2 tables. Answerset I am getting is truncating leading '0's for one of the columns. Is there a special consideration/casting that we have to do when we do a FULL OUTER JOIN? The results are coming out fine when i am doing INNER JOIN(no 0 truncation)  
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Optimization with JOIN condition
Hello guys,   I would appreciate it if you can help me with a problem that i have. I have this join condition :       SELECT * FROM T1_STAGING.(first_table) AS STG JOIN T1_STAGING.(second_table) AS B ON  ( STG.DLOF_ID_NO=B.DLOF_ID_NO_RU )  
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Can Decimal and Integer be a mismatch for Join?
Hello All, I have few questions,
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