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LEFT JOINs and order of positions of fields in ON condition
Normally when I build a query with LEFT JOINs I have a previously mentioned table on the left side of the equal the table in the LEFT JOIN on the right side of it. In analyzing queries that a 3rd party app is executing I see something like the following: SELECT * FROM S1.TABLE_A ID LEFT JOIN S1.TABLE_B B on B.ID=A.ID   
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Left Outer Join Efficiency
I am experiencing efficiency issues when using multiple left out joins in queries.  I can resolve this by breaking up the existing query into smaller queries but I would like to know technical reasons why Left Outer Joins would experience efficiency issues.
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query to bring in multiple row values into one record
My data looks something like this: table1: ID | Line | Code 1 | 1 | a 1 | 2 | b 2 | 1 | d 2 | 2 | e 2 | 3 | f   table2: Code | Name a | alpha b | beta d | delta e | epsilon f | phi   A common join brings the following results: ID | Line | Name
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CASE is a solution?
Hello,   I have a difficult task (or at least this is how I see it) to implement using SQL. Here is the case: - there are two tables: A and E each one having a numeric column. Each of the two tables contain checkpoints(numbers) for a specific region.
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trouble in creating view....
Hi  I am trying to implement a view on tow tables  but the problem is I am not getting the result set after creating the view. I have a SOURCE tables  First source table T1 Second Source table T2.   my Requirement is  I am joining T1 with T2 on date, t2nbr,t3nbr,t4nbr,t5nbr.
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aggregate function based on multiple rows
I am trying to perform a sum based on multiple values in a table.   The current year week is formated like this 201401 for 2014 year and week 1.
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Creating index over wildcard join on volatile table creation
Hi!. I have the following query: create multiset volatile table newTable, no log as ( SELECT so.*, pu.* FROM db.table1 so left outer join db.table2 pu on so.id = pu.id ) with data primary index(id) on commit preserve rows;Which throws the following error when run:
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varchar join integer
Consider two tables ,one has COLUMN_A defined as a VARCHAR(100) and the other has COLUMN_A defined as an INTEGER. When joining these two tables via COLUMN_A what does the optimizer have to do in order to accomplish the join?Convert VARCHAR to INTEGER  or convert INTEGER to VARCHAR? thanks.
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Filter results from two joins
Hello, I have an issue while trying to get only the record containing max(c.event_dtm) from the following query: SEL     a.startclock_day,            a.shacct_no,            a.awb_no,            b.ship_ref,            b.lc_event_cd,            c.event_dtm,            c.gmt_event_dtm,
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help on tuning a query
SELECT col1,col2 FROM staging_table STG INNER JOIN target_table TGT ON STG.SRC_TRAN_ID=TGT.SRC_TRAN_ID WHERE TGT.ROW_STAT_CD='Active' AND TGT.SRC_SYS='sourcename' In above query, both STG and TGT has PI as SRC_TRAN_ID TGT has stats collected on ROW_STAT_CD and SRC_SYS
tuning join non usage of parition