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I am using Teradata jdbc driver to connect to Teradata data base from my java application. Couple of days back I got the following issue 'TeraResultSet:getTimestamp function failed'.

Hello ,
We have a java program that connects to Teradata using the ODBC Drivers and uses Global Temprory Tables for retrieving data for a Report
The Global Temprory Tables have been created with a preserve rows after commit option
here are the steps in the program


I'm using JDBC to query a Teradata server. There are up to 100 simultaneous requests, each one using a fresh connection, and closing it at the end. After some hours of work, some of the threads performing the requests get stuck indefinitely. Eventually a restart is needed.
From inspecting the call stacks, I see that the threads are in a socket read state, and that it happens when preparing a statement or when closing the connection:

Case 1:
java.lang.Thread.State: RUNNABLE
at java.net.SocketInputStream.socketRead0(Native Method)

I wrote a small java program to retrieve data from one table which has a "period(Date)" column.

Am facing this error- 'Invalid session mode for procedure execution' while calling a proc through Java/JDBC. I am guessing that this error has something to do with the db layer.