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I am trying to package the ODBC driver for installation at our company and am encountering some issues with setup.exe. The GUI claims it is installshield but all the usual command line arguements are not working. I jsut get an error "The setup command line is invalid. The setup cannot proceed".
I have tried ...

I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit w/ SP1 but cannot seem to install any of the Teradata Studio 14.10.1 [Express] applications.  I've tried the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of both Studio and Studio Express.  I've also tried installing using the .msi and by running the setup.exe.  Right after the path to the JRE is set, the installation wizard tells

I am trying to install teradata studio express v14 in my Windows 7 32 bit pc and I always get a JRE not found/JDK not found error after installation. My PC is upto date with JRE and I update to the most recent JRE using Java automatic downloads. Can somebody please help?

Aster Express virtual images are now available for downloading to your PC so that you can run an Aster cluster.  After installing VMware Player and downloading the Aster Queen and Worker images (see the Introduction to Aster Express article), you're ready to bring the Aster cluster to life! 

Is there going to be a release of SQL Assistant that can be installed on Windows 7 64bit?  The Java version doesn't work very quickly and is cumbersome to use.



I have .Net framework 4.0 installed.

where do we get TD .Net data provider for 4.0 version? I don't want to downgrade my app to 3.5 or less from 4.0.


I am new to teradata and learning it as my projet requirement. I am basically an Informatica guy. So an I get a teradata database on my laptop so that I can have a hands on learning.

Kindly give a detailed anwer.


“Yum” is a package-management utility for RPM-compatible Linux operating systems that can be utilized by the Teradata Client packaging to allow an administrator to manage a repository of packages for network installation and software distribution.  “YUM” stands for “Yellowdog Updater, Modified” and is an open-source, command-line product included with RedHat Enterprise Linux, and Fedora Linux.    This document will explain how to set up a simple Yum repository with the Linux Teradata Client packages, and how to use the resulting repositories to install packages across the network.