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What is the best way to import multiple tables into Hive from Teradata using TDCH?
Using TDCH, What is the best way to import multiple tables into Hive from Teradata? Is there an option to move an entire database from Teradata to Hive?
tdch Hive import multiple
MLOAD APPLY WHERE condition which is not an equality
I have a very simple working MLOAD and have a new requirement to block data from being INSERTED.  I see many examples where the WHERE of an APPLY statement is specified as equality (=) and am sure I've done that in the past successfully, but my new requirement is to skip based on 'not equal to'.     Layout of file:
multiload mload import
Bteq-import- Error Handling Not working
Hi, i have a bteq which uses repeat function to load a file into a table. we have a parameter for the input file. if the parameter is not available, the script is failing with a Return code 0, inspite of using the label to exit if errorcode <>0.
bteq import error handling repeat
Super fast way to IMPORT using Dot Net
I read about a super fast way to IMPORT using Dot Net.   http://bit.do/tera14   Q: Will this be incorporated into Teradata SQL Assistant?     Thanks for any leads. I really appreciate it! Jim
Error 9128 : Transaction exceeds max. number of Row Hash locks
Hello All, I am trying to load a file with aroun 12 million records to an empty table and I tried using BTEQ. I am included begin transaction & end transaction statements in my BTEQ import script. However,  the script after sometime stating "Error 9128: Transaction exceeds max. number of Row Hash locks".
bteq import RowHash #Locks
Import data from comma delimited csv/Excel file to Teradata table
Dears, I am trying to compare test query results with my BO Report data. So I have exported my BO report data into Excel/csv and the same needs to be imported to Teradata temp table; Finally I will excute minus query between my test query and imported BO data.
import csv excel sqla
BTEQ Import/Export of decimals does not work
Hello experts,   I have a problem using import and export with bteq. I have the following simple table in DB1 and DB2:
bteq import export indicdata decimal
SQL Assistant Import Data function giving DDL errors
Hello, I've recently upgraded to SQL Assistant v14.0. In v13.10 I had no trouble running the following query (statement by statment). Now I'm having trouble because I get an error that says "Error executing query for record 1: 3706: Syntax error: expected something between ')' and the integer '1'. Here is the sql:
SQL Assistant 14.0 input import error
Teradata and Hadoop Hive Data Type mapping
Hi, When I am trying to export data from Hadoop Hive to Teradata I am getting Datatype mismatch exception, especially for Date and Decimal format. Just for testing, I tried to export the same Hive table to TD, that was imported from TD into Hive with same schema. But it didn't work.
teradata Hive export import data type
BTEQ Failure 2673 while importing the data file if the table has "not null" column
Hi,   I am trying to export the table to a data file, clear the table and use ".import data file" to import the data back in.  I always got the following error if the table has a "not null" column.    *** Failure 2673 The source parcel length does not match data that was defi  ned.  
bteq import export