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We have an insert statement that is inserting around 92 million records into a table based on a select statement from another table.  The select piece runs fine, but the following step takes a long time.
We do a MERGE into table HUB_ENCOUNTER_MESSAGE from Spool 18767.

Hi All ,
Can anyone help me with Equivalent in Teradata for Unique Identifier in SQL Server ? Though i can accomodate the values with VARCHAR datatype but when i need unique values to be generated . What will i do in that case ?
Thanks in advance !!!

Hello all,
I would like to point out what I think is a bug and solicit ideas for a way to make this work.
I have a stage table and I want to merge it into a table with a surrogate key.  I want auto-generate the surrogate key on insert and I only want to update records that need updating.

Hi, what is the syntax in turning off or disabling the IDENTITY COLUMN of a certain table? Thanks.

Hi everyone,

I’m facing a problem with auto-increment/identity feature in Teradata table. I already had a table in solution without identity feature, but as the requirements changed, I have to modify/alter that column from integer data type to integer data type with identity feature, but somehow it’s not allowing me to do that. I’m not sure whether Teradata support it or not.

I had tried different approaches suggested by people over the internet.

Sample Code:

) ;

alter table TEST