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Showcase query: most recent check dates
I am building a query to show VendorID, Check#, and CheckDate Vendors have many check numbers  and many check dates, I just want to pull the most recent check number and date per given vendor.  Help?
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IBM - TERADATA Jobs Available Now - Multiple roles
Due to a new initiative we are now hiring ~25+ Teradata professionals for the following positions in the Richmond, VA area: --------------------------------------------- Teradata BTEQ Application Developer Link to review and apply:
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Use InfoSphere Information Server to integrate Teradata data
Many enterprises face the challenges of integrating large amount of data from various sources and improving the data quality. The IBM® InfoSphere™ Information Server is an ideal solution for such tasks. This article demonstrates the Information Server's capability of extraction, lookup, and loading of Teradata data.
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Teradata Parallel Transporter External Command Interface
The Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) External Command Interface is a command based interface which allows users to issue commands to TPT jobs. The term “external commands” implies two important implementations. First, it implies that users can issue commands to TPT jobs from outside the TPT address space. Secondly, it implies that commands are processed by TPT while it is in the middle of performing ETL operations. In addition, TPT internal components such as operators (which run under different processes) can also communicate with each other within a job through the same interface by using commands. As a result, ETL and system “events” are not only shared between the TPT and users, but also shared amongst TPT components within a job at runtime.
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Using Teradata JDBC driver with WebSphere Application Server
The Teradata JDBC Driver Connection Pooling facility can greatly improve application performance. The steps used to enable it for the Teradata JDBC Driver will vary with the application server being used.
Teradata UDFs for popular IBM DB2 functions
Teradata UDFs for popular IBM DB2 functions.
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