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Hi All,
Working with a client that likes using Hyperion.  We use TD Sql assistant to write, develop and test.   Is there an easy way to transpose TD SQL into Hyperion so my clients users can continue to use the tools that they are comfortable with?


Would anyone know why the difference of two timestamp(6) columns in interval day(4) to second(6) is coming out all nulls in Hyperion 9.3.1? A calculated field with formula "(col2 - col1) interval day(4) to second(6)" is always NULL even though the two columns have different timestamp values.

Just to give you an idea, below is the equivalent in SQL Assistant that works:

create volatile table mytable ( col1 timestamp(6) , col2 timestamp(6) ) primary index (col1) on commit preserve rows;

delete from mytable;
insert into mytable
values (