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Using TDCH, What is the best way to import multiple tables into Hive from Teradata? Is there an option to move an entire database from Teradata to Hive?

Problem statement
This is regarding on knowing the mathematics(logic) behind the hash function (hashrow and hashbucket) in Teradata side
Teradata SQL :

Hi all,
I am trying to export data hive table to teradata table, Below is the command

hadoop com.teradata.hadoop.tool.TeradataExportTool

-url jdbc:teradata://testsystem/database=testdb

-username testuser

-password testpassword

-jobtype hive

-fileformat textfile

Hi All,
I am using teradata-connector-1.2.1 with the following versions:
->Teradata 14.0
->HDP 2.0(Hadoop
->Hive 0.11

I am trying to import data from teradata tables to Hive.
/*Created table and inserted a row in teradata*/

When I am trying to export data from Hadoop Hive to Teradata I am getting Datatype mismatch exception, especially for Date and Decimal format.
Just for testing, I tried to export the same Hive table to TD, that was imported from TD into Hive with same schema. But it didn't work.

This session introduces Hadoop 2.0 changes and concepts.