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Alternate Solution to Self Join
Dear All, Need help with below situation.... Data id        date 100   6/6/2015 100   8/1/2015 100   9/30/2015 200   8/11/2015 300   7/18/2015 300   1/10/2015 300   3/5/2015 300   6/15/2015
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query to bring in multiple row values into one record
My data looks something like this: table1: ID | Line | Code 1 | 1 | a 1 | 2 | b 2 | 1 | d 2 | 2 | e 2 | 3 | f   table2: Code | Name a | alpha b | beta d | delta e | epsilon f | phi   A common join brings the following results: ID | Line | Name
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Teradata Viewpoint 15.00 Release Article
This article is the official release announcement for Teradata Viewpoint 15.00 with an effective release date of April 9th 2014. The Viewpoint 15.00 release has a whole new look and feel. The upgraded infrastructure embraces newer web technologies, improves performance, and enhances user accessibility, interaction, and discovery. As the versioning suggests, Viewpoint 15.00 supports the Teradata Database 15.00 release. 
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Recursive Query help
Hi, I am new to Teradata and I am working on query for which I greatly appreciate any help. I have a following table (after ordering by col1 and col2)  Col1        col2             col3         Alpha      10:00          activity typ 1 Alpha       10:00:30    activity typ 2 Alpha       10:00:40     activity typ 3
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Problem with title line when using .export report
Hi,  I am having the following problem when trying to create a CSV report  to email out.  The title line of the report is showing up like this "((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((AGT_ENT_US" instead of all the field names.  The records themselves are showing up properly.   .set MAXERROR 1 .set width 1300
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.NET Data Provider - 'Windows Help' file doesn't work
Hi, I download the 'Windows Help' file for '.NET Data Provider' at http://downloads.teradata.com/download/connectivity/dot-net-data-provider
Change all periods "." in a column to forward slash "/"
I am running a query that returns blling data with an account number that contains "." in no set position. What I need to do is replace the period "." in each instance that it occurs with a forward slash "/". I have read many items related to using UDF's, however I do not own the server and have no idea if any UDFs are actually loaded.
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What is the difference between FUNCTION and SPECIFIC FUNCTION?  When do I use SHOW FUNCTION versus SHOW SPECIFIC FUNCTION?  Or HELP FUNCTION versus HELP SPECIFIC FUNCTION?  Thanks,  Denmark
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Parsing Help Statistics Output
What is the best way to extract the output of the 'Help statistics DbName.TblName column Partition;", for the purpose of extracting the value of the column 'Number of Rows'. If you have attempted this through SQL, please share your thoughts. What I've already have in place is the following methodology... Run 'Collect Statistics on DbName.TblName Column (Partition); Run 'Help Statistics DbName.TblName Column (Partition);' through BTEQ with SideTitles on
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Teradata SQL Assistant 12.0 - Error trying to boot application
Hello, NOTE: Teradata SQL Assistant 12.0 worked over the past year and just started giving me an issue in the past month or two. I am running on Windows XP Professional 32-bit. I am running into an interesting error that I cannot seem to find a solution to. When trying to run Teradata SQL Assistant 12.0, I am receiving the following error prompt: Error received: "Error occurred during GetIniData. Code=339 Component 'POWERE~1.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
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