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n Teradata I want to create a global temporary table and the reference this global table in other queries.

Hi ,
while dropping a global temporay table , i face the below error .
Executed as Single statement.  Failed [5337 : HY000] Drop Table is not allowed due to materialized temporary tables.
Elapsed time = 00:00:00.031
STATEMENT 1: DROP  failed.
How can i drop the table now ? Please help

How can I identify what are the GTT or volatile tables created during a session?

How can I best determine how much temp space a Global Temporary Table used during SQL execution?  We're running Teradata 14.10 in DEV & QA, and 13.10 in Prod, if it matters.

When using global temporary tables (GTT) as part of a larger script, can one user have multiple instances/aliases of the same GTT?

Ex: Table1 containing customer information with an order of $1,200 or more for the past 3 months.
Table2 containing customer information that have an account with VendorB.

Hi everyone,
I am new to Teradata

I am trying to understand the usage of the Global temporary tables
For utilizing the GTT tables ,should we create a GTT table using the Create statement and then use it or can we use it during run time in a script like in