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How to add a new spatial reference system to SYSSPATIAL.SPATIAL_REF_SYS
I want to add a new SRS record to the table SYSSPATIAL.SPATIAL_REF_SYS. However, the manual doesn't have more description on it. There are 4 columns in the table: SRID: Spatial reference system identifier. AUTH_NAME: Name of the standard or standards body that is being cited for this reference system.
Reduce skew on a table with Shapefile data?
I downloaded this Geospatial Shapefile:https://www2.census.gov/geo/tiger/TIGER2015/UAC/   The table that was created by loading the shapefile looks like this:
geospatial skew shapefile primary index index
Most efficient spatial query??
Hello there, I have table in Teradata Express that contains the countries of the world. The NAME column contains the country names and the GEOM colum contains their geographical information (the GEOM colum is of type ST_Geography). I created this table by importing a shapefile using Teradata's TDGeospatialImporter tool.
efficient spatial geospatial WKB WKT query
Putting Teradata Geospatial On The Map
The Teradata Database provides a powerful and scalable platform for storing and processing geospatial data
geospatial geocoding location analysis
TD Geo Import/Export Tool 32 bit
TD Geo Import/Export tool lets you translate ESRI Shape and KML files to TD format.
geo tdgeospatial geospatial import export
Geospatial features were available as external UDFs in TD 12?
Hi, I heard someone saying that Geospatial functions introduced TD13 onwards were available as external UDFs in the earlier versions. I have been asked to compare the metrics of using these External UDFs and native Geospatial features. My problem is that I have been looking for any examples of such external UDFs but have been unsuccessful.
TD Geospatial
Has anybody used TD geospatial features in TD12? we ran a POC of the features and noticed soem challenges 1. Geospatial queries are mostly single AMP queries (becasue of the usage of UDF) 2. Geospatial functions, use product joins to merge data from multiple shapes.
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Teradata Temporal - Implementation Best Practices
The Teradata Temporal feature, available with Teradata 13.10 allows the customer to capture, track, and analyze the full history of evolving business data rather than just the most current updates.
database temporal period geospatial timestamp time series
Error using TDGeoImport to load shapefile
I am using the Geospatial Import-Export Utility (v1.6) for TD 13.0 to load shapefiles to Teradata.  When I run the utility to import a shapefile I get an error that says:
geospatial st_geometry tdgeoimport shapefile
Can't export Teradata Geospatial ST_Geometry to KML
I have a problem using the TDGeoExport tool V1.6 with Teradata express 13.0. I am trying to export some locations (ST_Geometry points) from a Teradata database to KML format for visualising on Google Earth. The TDGeoExport running script is as follows:-
geospatial tdgeoexport 1.6 un-supported data types teradata express 13