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Hello All,
I have created a dummy table and inserted one record in that table. When i simply select that record it gives me unwanted leading space in the answer set. 




SELECT '(' || TO_CHAR(a+1) || ')' FROM dummy;


Hello, I am very green in SQL and am trying to create a view from multiple tables in SQL. I do not what the common columns to be duplicated in the view. I have seen some syntax statements that show
CREATE VIEW view_name AS
but when I type a name for my view it show errors... Can anyone help?

I need to see how an example of a spec file   for ODBC 64/32BIT.  From the spec file, the RPM is built.


I do not know now to code the spec file.  Can you provide an example of each?

Hi all,

I am not seeing any information on this so I thought I'd ask the smart minds here ;-). Are Teradata backups consistent as at the backup start time or end time?



Hi all,


I am new to Teradata (spooling up POC) and have thus far not been able to locate the infomation which I am seeking so beforehand I do apologize for such basic questions, but I would greatly appreciate some assistance.



I am very new to Teradata and for the first time posting here. I need some help from you guys.

I need to connect to the Teradata DB from my Web application.


Details: -- 

I have experience with STAR SCHEMA. But I am new to FSLDM. Can any one explain what is B-Keys and B-MAP?

We've tweaked the RSS feed mechanism so that it's easier to follow what's going on via your RSS reader. This is probably most useful if you're subscribed to the DevX forums feeds, where there's a lot of activity, and you're particularly interested in viewing that activity through the lens of threading.

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This blog post introduces a simple global static caching mechanism for PHP. But first, some background. One of the joys of developing this website, the Teradata Developer Exchange, has been building the site on Drupal, a PHP-based Content Management System. Having spent the last decade building heavyweight J2EE apps like Viewpoint, I was curious to see what life was like in the fast-and-loose world of PHP development.

Last week in response, to pestering from our users, we rolled out RSS feeds (see my previous blog post). We're glad to see they're being taken advantage of. However, some users have noted that it was a bit tricky finding the user-specific RSS feeds (no to mention inconsistent UI-wise), especially to find your own RSS feeds.

We're continuing to roll out features on DevX as quickly as possible, so please keep the suggestions coming. We've just made available a fairly comprehensive set of RSS feeds, including site-wide feeds and per-user feeds. To subscribe to a particular RSS feed, keep an eye out for the RSS feed icon Syndicate content - clicking on the icon should result in the browser launching your RSS reader (or you can copy the feed URL and add the feed directly in the RSS reader).

HTML boasts a wide range of features to present data to end users. Add in the various frameworks that “sit on top” of HTML and the web represents a rich and powerful environment through which information may be delivered to end users.

While the web is a powerful environment, there are times when a windows based application might be better suited to the task at hand. This article presents a Java class library that makes this a lot easier.

While writing my first article it occured to me that I was delving into a large subject area that wasn't really addressed by the four subjects currently available.

These are:

  • Viewpoint (is that the software or opinions?)
  • Database
  • UDF
  • General

Well, I guess it could have gone into general, but to me that sounds like "everything else that isn't worthy of having its own subject area". And that wasn't a very appealing category for my first article.