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Can someone pls explain what is Near Real Time stored procedure architecture framework?  How it works?  If you have implemented the stored procedure in your project, pls share how you implemented, challenges faced etc.  Can we replace it by bteq?  If yes, what are advantages and disadvanges with stored procedure and bteq approaches?

Alcatel Lucent’s Tim Cloonan and Jonathan Beard Speak at the Summit. Cash Prizes and Fun Goodies for Winners.

Alcatel-Lucent has announced the Open API Service Hackathon to do battle with their APIs for a chance at fame and fortune! Participatns have time until noon, November 10 2010, to either work in teams or alone to mash up Open API Service APIs with any other API you can find on ProgrammableWeb, and compete for prizes in several categories. The People's Choice and first prizes are 20,000 Rs. each, second prize is 15,000 Rs, third prize is 10,000 Rs and other fun stufff.