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The  Teradata system is going into frequent flow control.There are a few sessions running with high CPU skewness.
Is there any query to know which sessions are consuming maximum AWTs , so that we can abort those to bring the system health back to normal?
Thanks in Advance!!

This session gives a close-up picture of what AMP worker tasks are and how they support user work.

We have implemented a 'Penalty Box' workload within TASM for queries that are demoted after reaching specific exception criteria with the idea that they go into a workload which has a low CPU allocation.
We have seen a high % of CPU be taken into the Penalty box and remain with the query for a significant period.

There’s a comment on an earlier blog posting of mine from 2009 titled Controlling the Flow of Work in Teradata.  The comment poses a question that is more reasonably answered by making second posting on flow control.