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Converting Number to Character
I have a numeric value which I want to divide by 1000:
character conversion numeric float
Precision loss during expression evaluation - data type issue?
Hi, when I execute the following SQL
cast decimal float precision 2614 expression evaluation data type data type conversion
Precision error in FLOAT type constant or during implicit conversions
I received this error when i run the query on my app, but when i run the same query on teradata studio, it run fine. Why??? I use jdbc driver for run this query.
jdbc float error conversion
Using SQL to Query for NaN
I have a table (I'll call this DTM) which has a column of the type FLOAT (I'll call this VAL).  This table currently includes rows in which the value of that column is NaN (not a number).  We are inserting these values through DataStage / Java, which is taking the values of "NaN", "+Infinity" and "-Infinity" (all legit IEEE 754 floats) from a text file an
database sql float nan
float data type in teradata
I have to do the following transformation Round(sum(column),2)   The datatype of column is float.. Round() function is available in oracle. --How to implement this requirement in Teradata.Should I use CAST()? I have another query: Suppose the column contains values like 20.123456
oracle datatype float round() cast()