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Need to load from Table 1 to Table 2. Which utility work well here and WHY?
Please explain the limitations and advantages against each utility.

Hi All,
Is it possible to capture FLOAD lock and MLOAD lock using ERROR HANDLER in Teradata Procedure . If yes , please let me know the steps / sample . If not , please suggest a better way to capture FLOAD lock and MLOAD lock .
My requirement :-

Hi All,
I am new to teradata and done some findings on FLOAD, MLOAD and manually creating a job to load data from 1 table to another.
I am able to do FLOAD, mload for loading the data from 1 table to another table.
The thing is

Hi All,

hello guys,
I have 80 to 90 tables and each has one file to get loaded.(file1 for T1, file2  T2 etc respectively)
Can i create one single script(fload,bteq or mload) for loading all these tables.
My input parameters will be filename and the target table-->  run script <file1> <targettable1>

I had encountered today a failure with fastload. There was some issue with the source file for which the fastload got paused. I corrected the data and restarted the run, but it didnt succeed.
I got the error:
**** 21:36:29 RDBMS error 2634: Existing ERROR table(s) or Incorrect

How does Fload handle loading of duplicate rows in NOPI table in case of a restart?

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I have a file which I am loading in to two tables one with MLOAD and other with FASTLOAD. Let's say the first column (non-PI column) is coming in as CHAR(20) and second column (also non-PI) as 12 DIGIT number from file. And in both the tables the first column is defined as CHAR(15) and second one as INTEGER. Below are my questions