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Hi All,
             I am facing an issue with the Teradata fastload java code. The code worked perfectly fine for |,comma and ; as delimiters but today when I tried the same I am getting exceptions like:

 SQL State = HY000, Error Code = 1390

Hi All,
              I am working on a code to export data from a file to Teradata. For this I am using Fastload Java API.
              I am facing an issue when I try to use tab as the delimiter. 
              The url which I am using to create a fastload jdbc connection is as below:

Hi All,
          I am new to Teradata and am currently trying out the JDBC fastload. In my application I am trying to use Fastload using JDBC. The first record is skipped everytime I try to export the data from a csv file to Teradata db. How can I make sure that the first record is not skipped?
Please advice.