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Receive an error message while trying to use fast load
Hi, I receive error message 8017: The UserId, Password or account is invalid while trying to load data using fast load. All the files are saved in Desktop.   ********** Fast Load Script**************   logon,Wpwp123;   drop table DATAMDL_SNDBX.QA_FL_PD;
fastload connection Error:8017
Very large table loading fails with Fastload, what are other possible solutions?
Dear Experts, 
fastload tpt
FASTLOAD - Record too long by n bytes
Facing the following issue with FASTLOAD: RECORD is too long by n byte(s)
Difference in Aquisition phase of Mload & FastLoad
Hello Everyone, I have a question on Mload & FastLoad. Lets assume that I have an empty table and I am trying to  load a file into this table using Mload or fastload. Now, based on below knowledge, I want to conclude, in application phase , which of these utilities will perform better.
mload fastload
FastLoad UTF8 charset issue - for special characters
Hi, I am using charset as UTF8 in fastlload, whatever record has special character like box went to Error table (ET). Pls refer the attachment for the sample issued value. Kindly help me how to handle this situation, we need to load data as it is there in source. Thanks, Prem.
fastload utf8 charset
Fastload Inserting Default User and Date
I have the following fastload script CREATE MULTISET TABLE "TABLE" ( FIELD1              VARCHAR(25) CHARACTER SET UNICODE CASESPECIFIC ,                                                FIELD2                  VARCHAR(25) CHARACTER SET UNICODE CASESPECIFIC ,
TERADATA 13.10 - DATASTAGE 8.5 Issues with FastLoad functionality
Issue description: When a job that is loading an empty table through FastLoad Functionality (Teradata Connector) aborts, it causes the mentioned table to be left in an irrecoverable Lock state, which cannot be cleared using an empty FastLoad, and which only workaround is to drop and recreate the table.
fastload issues error lock table lecked table
FastLoad process hang with concurrent sessions
Hi, We have an application spawns multiple FastLoad sessions to move data from Microsoft SQL server to Teradata concurrently. We are running the application on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and have been observed random errors where some FastLoad sessions in hung state. 
fastload concurrency
JDBC FastLoad - error 3737
Hi, I am using JDBC FastLoad to transfer data between different teradata environments. I have been hitting an error message:
jdbc fastload 3737
Teradata - Fast Export Option
While executing Fast Export, we have a option to create a MLOD script by provoding the MLSCRIPT. Do we have a similar option for FASTLOAD? Can someone help me know if there is one. Or let me know why we dont have one for Fast load.
fastload mload fastexport MLSCRIPT