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FastExport Remove Binary/Indicator Values in Outmod
fastexport outmod linux binary
Teradata round values wrongly
Friends, I have the following problem: I have a final table, where some values are rounded wrongly. There is no transformation of these values. The tables have the same data type, decimal (9.2) and FastExport it converts to the same data type. An example I got was a value of 46.23.
teradata Round values fastexport fexp multiload mload
FASTEXPORT MLSCRIPT Getting junk values like p1<96>
Hi, While exporting data from Teradata table with MLSCRIPT option to generate mload script too. I am getting below strings p1<96> or p1 instead of DATE/TIME/TIMESTAMP fields in layout section. ..... p1<96>.FIELD COLUMN1 * DATE; p1<96>p1<96>.FIELD COLUMN2 * CHAR(1); .......
teradata fastexport MLSCRIPT date TIMESTAMP FIELDS
Teradata - Fast Export Option
While executing Fast Export, we have a option to create a MLOD script by provoding the MLSCRIPT. Do we have a similar option for FASTLOAD? Can someone help me know if there is one. Or let me know why we dont have one for Fast load.
fastload mload fastexport MLSCRIPT
Difference Between Load & Export Utilities
Hello All,   Teradata Utilities are specialised tool for loading or exporting huge volume of data as compared to conventional SQL tools like SQL Assistant & BTEQ. I wish to learn the fundamental performance gain reason between them. I have provided my understanding on them below. I would appreciate any addition/correction to them.
teradata utility fastexport fastload multiload bteq
Fast Export and Fast Load Error
Hello All, Below script i exported the data using Fast Export and tried to import the data using Fast Load. While doing so. I am getting a error in FastLoad. Plz help me understand. Where i am going wrong.  FastExport Script .LOGTABLE DB.errors; .LOGON jugal/jbhatt,bhatt; .BEGIN EXPORT;
fastload fastexport
Fast export and mload in vartext mode - Data item too large for field issue
Greetings experts, I am facing the following issue in TD Demo version 13.0 , windows 7 Scenario:  Fast exporting from a table samples.itemppi_bkp in "mode record format text" (vartext separated by ,) and then using this file as source for mloading into target table samples.itemppi_wodate.  
vartext format fastexport multiload Data item too large for field
SELECT statement in a TPT EXPORT script
Hi,   I am trying to export data from a sql uery to a file using TPT Export operator. My Sql query is running fine in sql assistant but when it is run through TPT it is giving non-existent syntax errors. I have used two single quotes wherever I have one single quote in my query. My requirements:
tpt fastexport
How to Run Fast Export
Hello All, I am trying to run the below script in fxp: .LOGTABLE DB.errors .LOGON jugalDB/JBhatt,jugal .BEGIN EXPORT .EXPORT OUTFILE samples111 Sel top 10 * from db.table1 .END EXPORT .LOGOFF In the Interactive Mode i gave it as below: fxp < fxpExample.txt
FastExport data transfer throughput.
We've had a long outstanding issue with the data transfer throughput of our fastexports, which essentially run in the low single MB/sec range - all of them, not just this one or that one.  it's takes 10+ hours to extract a few hundred GB of data. The issue is not with the client or the network - it's in the DBMS. 
fastexport data transfer throughput DBMS internals