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I am facing an issue in executing below scritp  through fast load utility for tab delimited .txt file
1. First issue in .RECORD 1;

Hi there,
I have run a fastload script, however it's stuck on below step. Any idea what's the possible reasons? Thank you.
**** 09:24:27 Teradata Database Release:
**** 09:24:27 Teradata Database Version:
**** 09:24:27 Number of AMPs available: 336

Hi Guys,
I'm pretty new to BTEQ script. I was trying to load a table which has a date column but it's not being inserted properly.
I'm using the below code, this loads the data but the date column loads a s a float and not as a date field.

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I am doing fast load to an empty table which has one column with algorithmic compression (ALC) using TransUnicodeToUTF8. Below is my table structure.





Hi All,


One way to tune a fast load script is by increasing the number of sessions ,which fast load will use for loading the data ,but also dependent

on the number of available sessions.


Can you please suggest by various other approaches by which a fastload script can be tuned ?




Hello Everyone,
I've been learning TPT and have been given various scenarios to execute; specifically ones that deal with the FAST LOAD protocol. There is one scenario that I am having issues trying to figure out, which is as follows:
TARGET TABLE has N columns.

Please help me for below script.


sessions 10;

tenacity 4;

sleep 20;


show version;



DROP TABLE tduser.M1;



Hi All,
Have a doubt in my mind, just want to clear it regarding the types of locks applied during fast  load abort case and why is it different from that of multiload

Hi everyone! I am currently studying Teradata and currently working on this problem of mine. You see, i have this set of data on a flat file that needs to be loaded in a table based on a condition.

This is what my flat file looks like:

SOR|03/17/2012|2 -- This is a header

Teradata FastLoad has a feature named Tenacity that allows user to specify the number of hours that FastLoad continues trying to log on when the maximum number of load operations is already running on the Teradata Database.

By default the Tenacity feature is not turned on. The feature is turned on by the script command:

I had installed Teradata 13.10 on a IBM AIX power 7 64 bits and everrything work fine when I use the ODBC_32/lib library directory on the LIBPATH, but when I use the ODBC_64/lib the fast load and the multi load do not work at all.

Any ideas

Hello Everyone,

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