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Hi All,


Need your experts help: Iam new to TD and exploring options to do a manual task in a more efficient way:
I have a table (2M records) based on customer ID (1000 ID's). I need to somehow get 1000 csv files out based on customer Id. Is there a way to do it ?
Please help.

Is Fast Import/Export available on OSX?

Hi  All,

Can we export the output of multiple select statements specified with in .begin export and .end export to multiple outfiles ?
If we create multiple .begin export and .end export blocks with in a single fast export job, are they executed in parallel or sequencially ?

I am successfully exporting with fast export tool. However I am not sure about parallelism of export.
From fastexport logs I have:
**** 13:49:28 UTY8715 FastExport is submitting the following request:
**** 13:49:28 UTY0844 Session count 8 returned by the DBS overrides

Greetings experts,
I am facing the below issue and need your expertise on the following.

I am exporting a large amount of data into a file.The specification is like each column should be seperated by pipe.If there is no data,there should be space.(| |)
I need file in this format
if there is data it should be like this

Hi Folks, 
Can anyone explain the significance of MODE and FORMAT in Utilities like Fast Export and Multi load ?
And what are the various MODE and FORMAT are avilable at this end ?
I have seen some scenario's where RECORD has been used as MODE.

Is there any way to measure the total AMPCPUTIME consumed by any MLOAD/FLOAD/FEXP job post completion? The values from the dbql(sum of ampcputime for a particular LSN number) does not seem right.
I also tried dbc.acctg. There too, the values seem low.

I need to export file with certain fields. Where one of coulmn data has a CR.
For eg:
 record1 aaa      bbb       ccc
 record2 ddd      eee       ffff 
The spaces between the aaa bbb represents the New Line Char..

Hello Everyone,

I have a brilliant opportunity for a Teradata specialist within a global company.

• Need to have several years of experience in DWH with strong expertise in Teradata database and Teradata Utility.
• Extensive experience in coding Teradata SQL, BTEQ, MLOAD, Fast Load and Fast Export.
• Should have expertise in requirement gathering/analysis, data modeling/design, performance tuning and development for DWH projects.
• Must have relevant experience working in a banking domain.

I am using Fast export to copy a Teradata table to a flat file on a windows server.

.logtable database.logtable_tablename;
.logon terdata_box/user_id,password;
.begin export sessions 2;
.export outfile myoutputfile.txt RECORD MODE FORMAT TEXT;
select *
from databse.table
where date_column ge cast ('01/01/2010' as date format 'dd/mm/yyyy')
and key_column eq 999999999999
.end export;

The query runs fine in sql assistant producing a readable text file. When I run fexp.exe the output file has a lot of unreadable rubbish in it.

I am using fast export batch mode on windows. I want to schedule fast export using batch file.
I want to know how do I include the currentdate in the export file name.

.export outfile "Export.out"