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I wrote a Java stored procedure, packed it into a jar and installed it into the Teradata database. I want to use the default database connection as described here [1]. Most of the code was generated by the Teradata wizard for stored procedures.

Stored Procedures

SQL Stored Procedures were added to Teradata around 2003 with the release of Teradata V2R5.1. Since then the capabilities of SQL Stored Procedure s has been expanded. However, there are still some queries that cannot be run directly from within a Stored Procedure.


I can retrieve the C source code of UDFs by using SHOW FUNCTION (in SQL Assistant as well as in BTEQ).
But this only works for UDFs that I have created myself. For UDFs created by others, I only get back the REPLACE FUNCTION statement, but no source code.

Recently we had a db crash on TD14 and our HSN took over but did not take over the operation because it was missing libraries for the external (C/C++) UDFs.
Any ideas how to identify what is missing on the HSN and to install it? Is it possible to be done with TDPut?

Problem statement:


We want to set custom SQLSTATE in Teradata stored procedures. The only way to set custom SQLSTATE value is through external stored procedure.


Dear All,

I am trying to create an external stored procedure using JAVA but keept getting NoSuchMethodException.

I am using windows 7 to compile and create the JAR file (client)

My teradata is running on SUSE Linux(server)

My java class is: