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Today's analytic environments incorporate multiple technologies and systems. Getting value from these systems often requires that they work together to address business needs.

QueryGrid provides access to multiple data sources within UDA for Tera

Teradata 13.10 continues the strategy of delivering features that enable extending the Enterprise Data Warehouse functionality. SQL Language User Defined Function (UDFs) allows function to be implemented in SQL which is a natural fit for SQL writers. This session describes the feature and use cases. It also describes other enhancements in Teradata13.10 which includes User Defined Ordered Analytic Functions and new system functions for BIT, string and numeric processing.

In my opinion stored procedures can be used to enforce standards for commonly used processes and to avoid the same code to be copied out into multiple scripts/programs creating a maintenance nightmare.

But let's list some of the pro's & con's associated with stored procedures.

Following are some basic scalar UDFs we've written to deal with strings of text.