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I'm trying to export our current TASM Ruleset from our production system and import it onto our staging system.  I keep receiving the following error.


Cannot import ruleset: The import file could not be parsed


Anyone know why?



I am getting this error when i try to run a fastload job specifying just 1 session in the script. I know there is a limitation of 30 load jobs on the applicance and so when i checked on viewpoint i found that there are 4 "TPTEXP" jobs running and found more than 300 active sessions o nthe system at that point.

Hi,  I'm new to Teradata and need to do the following:

I'm on a Unix system, using verision 13.0. 

We're inserting data into the "Stage" table from a delimited text file (bell is the delimeter \007)

1.  export the dataparcel field from the _ET table to a file  (delimited text if possible)

I have been doing teradata export and import through named pipe until i used tpt. But now after i learnt how to write a tpt, i have been using import from export operator in tpt.