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BTEQ Command to execute sqls only to generate explain plan
Is there any BTEQ command which can be used to generate explain plan whenever I provide sql to it. I have got around 200 sqls to analyse. Instead of fetching explaining plan one by one for each I would like to set BTEQ to generate explain plan whenever it gets a sql.  
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Explain Plan - Final & Other Plan
Hi All ! I usually see this in o/p of Diagnostic Helpstats: <- END RECOMMENDED STATS FOR FINAL PLAN BEGIN RECOMMENDED STATS FOR OTHER PLANS ->   So, what are Final & Other Plans? Which stats we should choose for our queries from these two plans?
explain plan Final plan Other Plan
all-AMPs MERGE into from Spool N (Last Use) - Huge Estimation Difference
Apologies if  might have already been answered in this forum, but my 5 minute search did not get me anywhere. Hence a new thread. Running SQLA 14.01 on TD14 Issue:
explain plan different explain teradata explain INSERT INTO join performance
Optimizer confidence level and understanding explain plan
Hi Guys,   I have a doubt regarding the confidence levels of the optimizer in the explain plan.   Below is the scenario that i created: 1. Created 2 tables Location and Employee with unique primary indexes on EmpNo column  
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Explain Plan - How Explain plan decides/show the number of AMPs involved in a query.
Hi All, I tried below for an explain plan of a table Table1 and got some head scratching questions: Explain Select * from DB1.Table1;   Output: ------------- 1) First, we lock DB1.Table1 for access. 2) Next, we do an all-AMPs RETRIEVE step from      DB1.Table1 by way of an all-rows scan
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Explain plans differ when object (view) names are fully qualified and when they are not
Does the optimizer treat a query differently when the object names in the query are fully qualified vs. when they are not fully qualified ? I came across a query which gives one explain plan when the views referenced by the query are fully qualified i.e. <databasename>.<viewname>
explain plan query performance fully qualified object names table names view names different explain
RowHash match scan
Hi, is the presence of Rowhash match scan in the explain plan an indicator for Fastpath Merge join? Thanks
explain plan rowhash match scan fastpath
Count(*) Explain Plan
Hi all, I have a doubt on the explain query generated for a simple count(*) query. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM databasename.tablename The Explain Plan generated from a V13 system is as below
explain plan count(*)
Synchronized scanning
Hi can someone explain me the concept of Synchronized scanning which often shows up in the Explain plan. Thanks
explain plan synchronized scanning
NUSI and Explain Plan
Hi, I am firing a explain plan query on a table (Item) in TD.The third step of the explain plan reads like: 3) We do an All-AMP RETRIEVE step from DBNAME.Item by way of index # 4 "DBNAME.Item.PartKey=328" is built locally with no resisual conditions into Spool 1 (group_amps), which is built locally on the AMPs.The size of spool 1 is.... Note: A Non-Unique Secondary Index (NUSI) is defined on ParKey column of Item table. The question is: What does index#4 mean in the explain plan.Does it refer to the NUSI?
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