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Explaining the Aster Explain
Aster is an analytic discovery application that lets you perform exploratory queries across your data regardless if it is structured or not.
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Views - Internal execution steps
Hi,   I have a quick question regarding processing of views.  
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Incorrect Teradata explain estimates
Hi, I have a query where teradata expain is giving wrong esitmated time though the query is taking very few seconds. It is estimating 9 mins due to which it is getting throttled.  Issue is in step 7. All the stats are ok and refreshed. Could anyone pleae suggest what might be wrong.   DELETE FROM
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Explaining the EXPLAIN for Business Users
  Whether you write your own code or it is generated for you, this is a topic that is essential for business users who run SQL queries.
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My perception on EXPLAIN was wrong
Greetings experts,
Explaining the EXPLAIN – New Functionality in 14.0 & 14.10
This presentation builds on Recorded Webcast # 49911 Explaining the EXPLAIN, which did just that (if you have not viewed, please do so before watching this webcast).
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Column parititioning - why does explain show an extra partition?
I've just started playing around with column partitioning in R14. I created a table using a recent example that Paul Sinclair put into a recent Teradata Magazine article:
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The Life of a Teradata Query
This presentation follows a Teradata SQL query from its origin at the client through the components of the parsing engine (PE), dispatched execution steps through the BYNET, step execution and file system management in the access module processor (AMP), merge and sorting of the response through the BYNET to the PE, and returning the answer set to the client.
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Explaining the EXPLAIN
A topic that is essential for all SQL programmers and database designers. This session examines the mysteries of the English text that appears when an EXPLAIN is requested.
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Explain Permissions
Is there a permission that will allow a particular user (ME) to execute an EXPLAIN of Sql that updates or inserts into tables or selects from tables  that  I don't have update or insert or select permissions on?  (or creates a table in a database that the "Explaining user" doesn't have permission to)?
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