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I created a macro for delete and insert records to a table from a view on another DB.


REPLACE MACRO DB1.macro_ins as (
delete from  DB2.tab1  all;
insert into  DB1.tab1 
     select col1,col2 from DB3.viewA;



when executing the macro 

Is there a difference between executing several macros in one macro instead of executing them individually?
When I merge them into one macro I get timeout errors predefined by DBAs where as they execute fine when I execute them individually.

Hi All,
     Lets say user1 has access to Execute macros but  in one of the macro there were two tables referenced and he doesnt have access to those two tables. Will he still be able to execute the macro and get the desired results or will it error out?
PS: I dont have access to create a macro in my Test environment.

How to execute teradata macro and stored procedure in XML?


Please let me know if the below statement are correct in terms of macro and SP execution inside XML

<Query> EXEC MACRO_NAME (Parm) </Query>


<Query> CALL PROCEDURE_NAME (parm) </query>


Hi All,

In Teradata document, SQL Reference : Stored Procedures and Embedded SQL :Release V2R6.1

I have read something about calling MACRO inside a procedure and declaring the results in Cursor

(The content is given below) When I tried the same thing in procedure, I have got a error saying it is Invalid.