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I need to execute a Teradata stored procedure in SQL Server.
I tried so far the following:
1) exec ('call CIONESCU.stp_agg_3 ();') at [Teradata_CIONESCU]
2) select 1 from openquery (Teradata_CIONESCU,'call CIONESCU.stp_agg_3 ();')

What is the difference between EXECUTE and EXECUTE PROCEDURE permission?

What is the difference between EXECUTE and EXECUTE FUNCTION permission?



I am using Teradata SQL Assistant 12. I have an sql query consisting of 26 steps - 13 create table select statements with a drop table statement before each. Sometimes, but not always, when I execute the query it will run the first 3 steps and stop. It does not error, nor does it tell me it did not execute the entire code.


ms sql has a feature where you can be looking at a lot of sql code, hilite one section of it and hit f5 and it will only run that piece of code. Does the teradata sql assistant r13.x do that in some other way?