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Import data from comma delimited csv/Excel file to Teradata table
Dears, I am trying to compare test query results with my BO Report data. So I have exported my BO report data into Excel/csv and the same needs to be imported to Teradata temp table; Finally I will excute minus query between my test query and imported BO data.
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Populating multiple values in SQL query from Excel/VBA
My question is related to populating my SQL query values from Excel/VBA.  In my query I have two types of inputs, one for a date, another for a city or list of cities.  The date is working just fine and is populated in Excel as 'YYYY-MM-DD.  I can do the same with a single city as 'MIAMI.  What I can't figure out is how I properly populate multiple cities
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Is it possible to connect to Teradata from Excel without installing Teradata drivers?
I'm trying to build an Excel self-service tool front end for a Teradata database, but the end users will not have any Teradata drivers installed on their machines.  Is it possible to use a generic ODBC connection, and if so, does someone know what connect string to use for an ADODB recordset? Thanks
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SQL Assistant inserts double quotes
I've created a process in Excel/ VBA to generate TD SQL INSERT statements.  The process primarily performs string handling functions including dealing with handling text with double and single quotes and non-printable characters.  The users cut and paste the final INSERT statement into SQL Assistant to run.  Occassionally SQA will insert double quotes aro
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Hitchhikers' Guide to using Excel with Teradata
It is believed that the computer called Deep Thought in the famous Douglas Adams' novel, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” used Excel in the last step of figuring out the meaning of life. It is too bad Deep Thought couldn’t access the data in Teradata Database and let Teradata do the analytics because it would've figured out the meaning of life much sooner.
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DecisionCast for Excel 2007 in Windows 7
Greetings forum members! I'm trying to get DecisionCast for Excel 2007 to work in Windows 7 and the installer just hangs. Does anyone have experience with this product in Windows 7? Does anyone know how to shim or fix the installer so that it can successfully complete? Thanks for reading!  
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In my previous posts on missing functions i covered SQL:2008 DENSE_RANK and CUME_DIST & NTILE.
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How many Teradata sessions does Micorsoft Query use?
Hallo, does somebody know how many session/sqls MS Query sends over ODBC to teradata? Currently I refresh an Excel Pivot (with external Data on Teradata) with a VBA script and it takes very long time and on teradata I see a lot off sessions... I don't understand why. The second quession is: Can I optimze the request? Thanks a very lot Markus PS.: That's a part off the VBA-Code: SQLtxt = ActiveWorkbook.Sheets("SQL - Pivot").Cells(2, 1).Value Sheets("BOOK1").Select Range("PIV").Select
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