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Advice on ELT process please
Hi, We're transitioning from Oracle to Teradata, and we need to replicate our existing ELT process and i'm after some advice/opinions about available options.  We have a file -> stage process already in place, using TPT LOAD
oracle migration elt etl
Concurrent Load to same table (MLOAD fails - can TPump be a solution or what is a solution?)
I have a scenario at hand:-Source: 9 Binary Flat Files (From Mainframe Source Systems)Target: 1 Teradata TableETL Operations: Insert / Update / Delete using Informatica Workflows – Teradata MLOAD INSERT / UPDATE Connection String & Teradata MLOAD DELETE Connections String
parallel mload multiload TPUMP process load etl informatica
About Teradata Hadoop Connectors
Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding the Hadoop connectors: What connector do I need to integrate the Hadoop and Teradata using an ETL tool like Talend or Informatica PowerCenter? Can I use all of the 3 connectors side-by-side and deploy it in a sandbox environment?  Regards, Joseph
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Dependancies on DBC for Data Processing
Hi guys, I would like to understand peoples views on utilising DBC for dynamically generating scripts for data processing. Considering DBC is Teradata's own metadata store and the development of this is owned and managed by Teradata do you feel it appropriate to develop frameworks for processing data based upon this?
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Monitoring ETL applications with Unity Ecosystem Manager
The Analytical Ecosystem can be quite complex. It usually consists of multiple managed servers containing instances of databases, ETL servers, infrastructure services and application servers. Monitoring and managing applications in this environment can be a very challenging task. Knowing at any moment what is the state of your hardware, how your applications are doing, how many jobs have finished successfully, how many failed and why have they failed are the types of questions database administrators typically ask themselves. Now with the addition of Hadoop infrastructure components within an ecosystem, monitoring has become even harder. Unity Ecosystem Manager helps users to answer those questions and perform and necessary maintenance tasks.
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MultiLoad automation
Hi -   I am new to working with Teradata. I tried searching the forums for how to create a batch file to initiate a MultiLoad script but was not very successful. I would like to use Windows scheduler to kick off a MultiLoad script to populate tables over night. Does anyone have an example of a batch file initiating MultiLoad?
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Scripting with TPT: From Simplified to Specialized
Teradata Parallel Transporter, a high-performance parallel and scalable extract and load utility for Teradata, allows users to launch ETL processes that interact with various sources and targets by creating and submitting TPT job scripts.
tpt simplicity EZLoader Scripting etl
Diyotta Data Integration Suite for Teradata
Hi All, Diyotta DI Suite is ELT DI platform purpose-built for MPP Data Warehouse platforms, fully leveraging the power of these systems with true in-database processing, with vast performance gains for data integration. Benefits of using Diyotta DI Suite: • Fully leverage your Teradata platform for in-database processing
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Is it possible to use a macro to send out an e-mail notification?
Hi all;   I am doing some error checking / monitoring and was wondering is it possible to have a Marco set up to send out an e-mail notification if a certain set of circumstances have occured.  Does anyone have any insight on this? I was thinking it would work somethink like this.  creat macro ETL_JOB_TRACK
etl macro e-mail
Tracking Database Change Requests
Has anyone found a tool or product that has assisted them in managing change requests and details for changes to data models, database structures, and/or ETL code for their Teradata Data Warehouse?  In the past I've used everything from email to Excel spreadsheets on SharePoint to code repositories like cvs or TFS but haven't been happy with any of them.
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