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Getting "305 NOREQUEST Specified request does not exist." Error while creating Volatile table through SAS connection string.
What could be the issue ?
Thanks in Advance.


Is there a list of error codes (and the associated messages) of all the SQLExceptions that the Teradata JDBC driver throws? I can't find it anywhere in the documentation...

In reference to the values in the column (dbc.DBQLogTbl.ErrorCode), is the value (3158) actually an error? Based on my understanding of what the manual says (below), it is not actually an error as such.

I need to know if queries having such entries finished and produced results or not.


3158 TWM Event

I am new to stored procedure. We might need to capture error code from store procedure in bteq to take decision based on success/failure of stored procedure.How can I return ERRORCODE from store procedure? I would like to use BTEQ syntax .IF ERRORCODE <> 0 to take decision based on stored procedure success/failure.