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Hello everyone,

I am new to teradata and I am trying to upload a file using fast load.
When I run the batch file I get the following error in the log file:

Not enough fields in vartext data record number: 1

In the teradata table, I have varchar (100) for all the colums, so not sure what is going on.

My script is the following:

sessions 1;
errlimit 10;
logon DWSANA/username,password;

set record vartext;
begin loading D_CFAEISDB.FTP_profile_fl01 errorfiles d_cfaeisdb.Err1,d_cfaeisdb.Err2;
DEFINE FILE=\\is-m-54lxx-fs12\DBP_PLANNING\Fast Load\FTP profile.txt;

In this post, we will cover some more advanced logging topics in TRM, including PE logging, SQL output, user clicks, authentication attempts, and startup logging.

This article describes the basics of TRM's V6 logging in the application server. This includes log file configuration, versioning, location and content.

We have installed Teradata on Windows machine. Now on running Database Setup and providing the following information (in the WIndows GUI):
Database Name : db1
Super User: DBC
Super User Password: dbc
Console Password: dbc
Set up DB for Teradata Manager: Yes
Perm Space: 100 MB
Spool Space: Same as Parent

Create a Teradata Manager User: Yes
User Account String: $H-DBC-MANAGER
User Password: dbcmngr
Perm Space: 100MB
Spool Space: Same as Parent
Give user privilages to run: Selected all options in combo
Migrate TDQM Database: Yes

i'm running into this error while writing to a file in TPT:

STR_EMI_DET_SQL: sending SELECT request
STR_EMI_DET_SQL: retrieving data
PXTBS_PutRow: Invalid input row length, status = Length Error
STR_EMI_DET_SQL: Error 29 in putting a record onto the data stream
Operator(libselectop.so) instance(1): EXECUTE method failed with status = Length Error
STR_EMI_DET_SQL: disconnecting sessions
STR_EMI_DET_FILE_APPEND: Total files processed: 0.
Job step S2 terminated (status 8)
Job dcole terminated (status 8)