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Hi, i have a bteq which uses repeat function to load a file into a table. we have a parameter for the input file. if the parameter is not available, the script is failing with a Return code 0, inspite of using the label to exit if errorcode <>0.

Hi ,
After this DECLARE EXIT HANDLER FOR SQLEXCEPTION , i need to update a table and insert a value into another table . How can i accomplish this ? Pls help .

Hi all,
I have a scenario where i have to CAST most of the columns and create and create a view.
Now the issue i am having is some CASTS fail because of bad format in data. In this case i have to put all failed values as NULL.
becaus of this i am writing a custom code everywhere based on the context.

I am using a CONTINUE HANDLER as part of my stored procedure to manage Dropping of Indexes.

I do not want the SP to error out becuase an Index doesn't exist as I am just wanting to drop it any way.

The CONTINUE HANDLER does just fine if there is 1 index missing if there are multiple then the handler is no longer managing the process and the SP errors out with a message of 'Index doesn't exist'


The Teradata Multiload utility provides the capability to perform batch maintenance on tables (insert, update, delete and upsert). It loads data from external sources and provides the capability to restart jobs interrupted by errors, exceptions and failures.

In the first article in this series on Teradata Error Handling, we introduced the larger architecture and load utility environment. in this article the focus will be on the Fastload Utility and some of the techniques applicable to handling errors, exceptions and failures that can occur within a High Availability system.