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Compare Rights of two Database
Hi, I am working on building query which will compare "Rights Held by Database1" with "Rights Held by Database2".  Can anyone please suggest what should be the desired query?   Thanks in Advance, Mihir
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Measuring Performance in DownSized Environment
Hi All,   I am measuring the performance of a query execution in a test environment and i have a following scenario..... This test environment has data volume equivalent to production environment, but its hardware is downsized compared to production environment, i.e., its 40% or 50% of production environment or configuration.  
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Wanna practically try out performance management...but how?
I want to practise the performance management on my DemoTDat. How do I setup an environment which gives me enough scope to apply and test various performance management techniques? Is there some tool or process by which i can create an environment which is similar to the real life environment that DBAs face? Plz guide. Thanks.
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