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Advice on ELT process please
Hi, We're transitioning from Oracle to Teradata, and we need to replicate our existing ELT process and i'm after some advice/opinions about available options.  We have a file -> stage process already in place, using TPT LOAD
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Dependancies on DBC for Data Processing
Hi guys, I would like to understand peoples views on utilising DBC for dynamically generating scripts for data processing. Considering DBC is Teradata's own metadata store and the development of this is owned and managed by Teradata do you feel it appropriate to develop frameworks for processing data based upon this?
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Diyotta Data Integration Suite for Teradata
Hi All, Diyotta DI Suite is ELT DI platform purpose-built for MPP Data Warehouse platforms, fully leveraging the power of these systems with true in-database processing, with vast performance gains for data integration. Benefits of using Diyotta DI Suite: • Fully leverage your Teradata platform for in-database processing
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Picture This - Teradata and Digital Image Processing
As most of you might agree, managing our collections of digitial pictures is becoming quite a challenge.  The number of photos continues to increase and now includes pictures from cameras as well as multiple mobile devices.  And to add to my troubles, I find that I have duplicate copies in different folders and on different computers.  Getting this organized is becoming a high priority.  Sure there are management solutions already available, but hey, we're tech people and it's more fun to try to build our own!  With the free Teradata Express database and some java coding, we have the right tools to get started.
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UK - URGENT Teradata Administrator ***** Excellent rates******
23/7/10 URGENT Immediate interview and start for the right candidate Familiarity with Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) ELT tool set would be a definite plus. This person will need to be capable of working with functional and technical project managers, and Cognos and data architects to determine the appropriate set-up, configuration, documentation and support processes required to extend an existing data warehousing environment based on Teradata.
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Teradata ETL Developer contract in Orlando
Actifact Corp is looking for a Teradata developer for a immediate contract position with our client in Orlando, FL. The contract is initially for 6 months but may be extended depending on candidate performance and client work.
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Index Maintenance During Mini-Batch Processing
Michael McIntire’s recent posting on NoPI tables (read it now!) got me thinking more and more about mini-batch, and how it’s growing in popularity.
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Defensive Programming in the ELT environment...
There was a discussion over on the Teradata Masters list about NoPI. Basically, someone was questioning why you would ever use such a feature... and I was a bit astounded about some of the commentary I received.  I'm not going to rewrite my post, it's quoted below, but it made me think about how important it is for us to remember our "boundary basics".
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How to Improve Step by Step ETL/ELT Open Sources Tools (Talend) On Teradata
The objective of this article is to explain step by step how to improve Talend in Teradata environment using Teradata utilities (FastLoad, MultiLoad).
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