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Hello EMB developers,

The deadline for our project is very close and we still don't have 'EMB' running successfully.
Additionally we need to make the following changes to the EMB code:

- Use ';' as the CSV seperator instead of ','
- Change the name of the database 'DB_Sandbox_Users' to 'DWH_AnalyticalSandbox'
- Change the name of the admin_user ‘DB_Sandbox_Admin’ to ‘ADM_GKV_EMart’.

We have an idea how to make the changes in the EMB code,
but we are getting all kinds of java exceptions while using the 'DataUploadPortlet'.

Thank you for your interest in the Personal Workspace Template (previously known as the Elastic Mart Builder). This template was developed as example code to demonstrate the power of the Teradata Viewpoint PDK and sandboxing capabilities.

Personal Workspace Template aka Elastic Marts Builder has been discontinued.  For further information check here.

A bug fix patch for Elastic Marts Builder (version 0.9.1) is now available.  This release addresses an installation issue and various issues with file validation.  You can download the latest version here.