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I want to create shared page with the ecosystem explorer job configured to show only certain columns.  I was successful creating a shared portlet to do this.  But, when I do this, the ability to click on the job and drill down into the job execution details is lost.  When I attempt to create a shared page, the ecosystem explorer is not one of the limited

We have no events in the esm repository where the uowid is blank or null.  But, the 'Jobs' portlet displays a lot of rows with blank / null uowid, uowTS.  The "Status" column has a value of "NEW" in every case where the uowid is missing.  What is happening and how can I prevent this behaviour?  I tried adding a filter of UOWID <> '' or UOWID > 'a

We recently upgraded to ESM from TMSM in our dev / test environment.  It looks like the 'job' in the ESM explorer corresponds with the resourceid and not the JobName.  For example, an application "general ledger" (gl-prod) runs a data load that has multiple jobs.  The very first 'load' step has a job name like 'glload'.  Subsequent jobnames for the 'gl-pr