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We recently converted many of our static stored procedures to dynamic sql to reduce the amount of duplicated code.  Does Teradata have a function or process that would allow the users to view the SQL statements that would be generated by passing in different parameters?  I've heard SQL Server has a similar function that would allow you to call the stored

Hi, can anyone please help? I'm expecting to get the same date '2016-02-01' displaying with below code, instead I got number 2013. so, it's doing the math: 2013 = 2016-2-1
By the way, why I'm doing the test code below? because another more complicated code didn't work and it turned out to be the date variable making trouble. 

Can anyone please help? Below code can finish running with no error, but how to make it to display the records, just so I know I'm getting what I want. Thanks!


replace PROCEDURE dlcna_cateam.sp_test3 







Hi all,
I'm new to the stored procedures in teradata. I wanted to give tables and database names as parameters in stored procedures, but it is not working. is it possible to create a procedure in teradata similar to this. I tried, it throwing error.

Hi Folks,

I want to create a Stored Proc wherein I will first find a list of tables to be dropped as :

is it possible to use stored procedure for MODIFY USER by passing the username and password in the procedure call.

I'm trying to use a parameter within my dynamic sql query, but just can't get it to work. I simplified my code to highlight only the part I'm struggling with.
I first create 't1', to which I insert the record.

create volatile table t1 as(
select date '1900-01-01' as date_col
)with data on commit preserve rows;