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In the last Teradata Data Mover (TDM) article (Executing Partial Table Copies with Teradata Data Mover), we discussed creating a TDM job to copy a subset of rows in a table between Teradata systems. This example showed how customers can avoid copying an entire table to the target system when they only want to copy recent changes made to that table. The problem with the example in that article, though, is that the where clause has a hard-coded value in it. Customers will typically want to avoid having hard-coded values in their production TDM partial copy jobs because the subset of rows they want to copy will change every time they want to execute the job. It's possible for customers to just create a new TDM job every time they want to change the where clause, but that could lead to many unnecessary jobs being created in the TDM repository that copy data from the same table. It's much more efficient to create one job that will copy a dynamic subset of rows every time it is executed. Executing the same TDM job repeatedly instead of creating a new job every time rows need to be copied from the same table will eliminate the overhead associated with creating new TDM jobs.