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When I call the procedure below in SQL Assistant, the data is returned ok, but without column headers...  Is there any way to include the column headers (e.g., in this case, 'DatabaseName','TableName',etc)?
replace PROCEDURE abc()
dynamic result sets 1
     DECLARE SqlStr VARCHAR(100);

I have set up a BTEQ of an SQL code through PUTTY.
The code runs weekly. However, I run a drop statement and then a create table statement, thus losing the table of the previous week. Is there anyway for me to create a table of the following format so that I retain all the tables that I have created ?

I'm trying to input a dynamic value for SAMPLE RANDOMIZED ALLOCATION as in the example below. This produces an error: expected something like an integer or a decimal number...
Is there any way to input a dynamic value in this case?

This presentation builds on Recorded Webcast # 49911 Explaining the EXPLAIN, which did just that (if you have not viewed, please do so before watching this webcast).

can i write a dynamic fload script.
lets say file1 has to be loaded to table1, file 2 to table2 through a single loading script ??
i shd have just one(single) fload script where i pass file name and table name as parameters??
Appreciate response!!

I need to create a new table based on the data from a query result. The name of the columns in new table will be the data values from result of a query.

For example, lets say my source query returns following records:

Field1 Field2
V1 A1
V2 A2
V3 A3

Then table DDL should be like:

Create table testdb.test_tab
Start_dt date,
v1 varchar(30),
v2 varchar(30),
v3 varchar(30),
a1 varchar(30),
a2 varchar(30),
a3 varchar(30)
primary index(start_dt);