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We are using DSA as our Backup and Restore option. 
Lately, we have had issues with the Restore portion on our DRT system.
We had a restore job that ran for several hours but seemed to make no progress.  The job was aborted.

I am trying to produce a log file for each DSA (Data Streaming Architecture) job with a format similar to ARCMAIN output. The closest thing I can find is to redirect the output from the dsc command line to a file (.i.e. dsc job_status_log -name my_DSA_jobname -bucket n > my_log_file).

I ran a restore using DSA, and received an error in the postscript.  Where can I find the DSA logs so that I can further investigate my error?  I'm guessing it's on the BAR media server, but I need the directory path.

Teradata Data Stream Architecture (DSA) is a new product offering for Teradata Backup and Restore, providing significant performance and usability improvements over existing backup and restore functionality.