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I am attempting to write a macro to delete and drop specific tables from a database.  Any suggestions on fixing this or a better method?
SQL Statement:
FROM    DBC.TablesV

I am very concerned with the Disk IOs of my Teradata server.
I have ran the following query

Hi Experts,
1. "If the job paused during the application phase, and the work and error tables have not been dropped and restart log table is dropped, then restart the job" (I changed it as per my understanding  -- Mload reference 14.10 pg no. 42)

Hi All,

Hi All,
I have a table that has a composite key defined on 2 columns.
These column are not a part of primary index.
The table contains data.
I am trying to drop primary key using the following command and getting a systax error :
alter table person_mst drop primary key (id,name);

With row partitioning (for a PPI or column-partitioned table), the Teradata Database makes sure rows are placed in their appropriate partitions.  When the row partitioning for the table is altered, rows may need to move from one partition to another so they are in their appropriate partitions according to the altered partitioning.  The partitioning expression must be deterministic (always computes the same value for the same value of the partitioning column) to properly place and retrieve the row.

For instance if the table has RANGE_N partitioning, ALTER TABLE will move rows automatically from NO RANGE to newly-added ranges as needed.  Also, if a range is dropped, rows from that partition are moved to the NO RANGE, NO RANGE OR UNKNOWN partition or a newly-added range that covers the dropped range.

I've created four UDFs to handle data transformation from MAINFRAME source files. Originally the data type for all UDFs was to be fixed as VARCHAR, however after careful investigation of source data by one of my colleagues, two of the functions needed to be overloaded to accept both VARCHAR and VARBYTE, and the remaining two UDFs required both VARCHAR and DECIMAL.

I'm running a DROP statement for all UDFs before running a REPLACE FUNCTION statement, however I encounter the following problem (extract from log file; have used <**> to mask database name):