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Hi All,


Can somebody please help me with following scenario. I am looking for dynamic solution of SQL. Because number of rows are not static.

I am trying to delete the non PI column from the pi column of the same table.
Query as below.

delete From A tbl1  

Where  Exists(

                Select 1 

                From A tbl2

                Where tbl1.non_pi = tbl2.PI

Hi all,
We are facing issue like "Too many load/unload tasks are running" due to maximum utilies limit reached. but how can we find when or at what time maximum fastload/mload, exports were running or load limit reached in system. is there any way to find through DBQL/Resusage or any other way.

Can somebody pls help me to understand sliding indow merge join.I know it happne for PPI to No PPI table or both PPI but joining on different column.I want to understand process.

I have a scenario where I need to writed a query if the ERRORCODE condition satisfies in BTEQ .the Query is quite large and have many Joins , so is there any way I can put it to next line, since when I put the next line it doesn't work.
Workaround for the same would be helpful but need to have it after then.


I am having one column where it can have position 3-5 as blank. It can be as position 3 as blank or position 4-5 as blank.

we trying to export SELECT * FROM TableName from db2 to flat file. By default it exports with comma as separtor and puts double quotes before and after the varchar columns. 
Now when we trying to replicate the same using bteq using report mode, we are not getting double quotes.